Full-Service Process Servers

Every Kind of Process Serving

photo of signing documentation legally, process serving, notary publicAs the service of due process is a constitutional privilege, every U.S. citizen has a right to be informed about being summoned to court. Process servers thereby act as messengers of the judicial system to notify citizens across the nation of their right to due process by “serving” legally issued notifications, in a timely manner.

Historically, sheriffs have played this role but as the nation grew it was clear that sheriffs alone could not serve every legal notification document, which is what a professional process server does! Our New Bern, NC process servers at Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services serve legal documents to any person involved in a court case, then deliver evidence back to the source of those documents that they werephoto of documents, signing, glasses, pen actually served. This proof is called an affidavit of service, which is notarized, and delivered back promptly.

The role of a process server is a constitutional enforcer of the due process of law throughout the United States. A court can only rule on a case properly if all legal papers are served properly and with valid proof of delivery. Without the proper delivery or on shaky certainty that they were delivered at all can cause an entire case to be thrown out of court. This makes the role of Grimes’ Bail Bonding notaries and public servers a wonderful combination to ensure the law is followed to the T for the sake of every citizen and every court procedure.

Dedicated, Determined Professionals

As a complete process service, we handle all legal document delivery for your needs to ensure the work is done correctly, professionally, and right the first time. Legal documents we handle include:

  • Summons & Complaints
  • Family Law Documents,
  • Notices of Three, Five, or Thirty Days
  • Small Claims documents
  • Cross-Complaints,
  • Writs of Garnishments,
  • Bank Levies and
  • Personal Subpoenas
  • & More!

At Grimes Bail Bonding & Notary Services, LLC, we know how important it is to ensure that documents are sent, received and confirmed for your legal matter. This is why when you choose us as your process server you can be sure that we will accomplish this task within the time frame needed and return with proof of service for your records. Our team is made up of dedicated individuals who take your time and documents as seriously as you do, and are determined to deliver documentation to the appropriate party. Our high level of successful document delivery says it all! Need to get started with a process server in New Bern, NC? Give us a call today at (252) 671-2297.

Local Process Serving

  • $100 Regular Service Fee for documents mailed or e-mailed to our office, Service attempted within seventy-two hours of receiving the documents. Three attempts are made from the arrival of the papers. This applies to all serves done within a 10-mile radius of “1017A Broad St., New Bern, NC 28560” and “201 New Bridge St suite 205, Jacksonville, NC 28540”. Anything over 10 miles needs to be discussed as it may be more depending on what needs to be done.
  • $300 Rush Service Fee for your case. If rush service fee is a requested service attempt within twenty-four hours after we receive the documents. Three attempts are made from the arrival of the papers.
  • $50 Hourly Stakeout Fee for requested stakeouts or wait time on hard to serve persons in addition to the Regular Service Fee.
  • $125 Physical Address Locate Fee if address is not provided.
  • $5 Notary Fee if proof of service requires Notary Service.
  • $75 Posting Fee if proof of service just needs to be posted to the door.
  • $75 Posting Fee if proof of service can be done by having direct communication with the defendant and arrangements can be made to easily serve them. The more information that is obtained, the easier it is for us to serve.

Out of State Process Serving

  • $200.00 per day** Standard Fee with 1st attempt within seventy-two hours
  • $600.00 per day** Rush Fee with 1st attempt within twenty-four hours
  • Call Locates / Skip Tracing services are available. Call (252) 671-2297 for rate.

Note: If your serve is in a Rural or Sparsely populated area, please call to confirm our availability.

** Plus any additional local fees, i.e. Travel (0.60/mile), Notary, Lodging, etc.

Additional Information & Terms

Along with our above rates, we do have more information and terms that you must consider for your service needs. Certain situations may incur additional fees, such as if the serve is in a remote or difficult location. Our service includes one attempt to serve a singular defendant or party at one stated address, however, you can add additional addresses, attempts, and even subjects with additional fees. We will include preparation and return of your affidavit, proof of service, and other information or declaration to you or your office. In instances of inability to deliver the serve, including bad address or non-service, we will report to you either verbally or in writing in a timely manner with dates and times of attempts as well as any address notes we have.

Need a status update on your process service? Our team can be regularly reached by email and can provide you with an update upon request! We understand there may also be some instances where you could require a process server from our team to appear in court for your case. If this situation does occur, our server can comply and has an hourly fee of $90 with a four-hour minimum for your case. This rate includes travel time, with an additional fee of $0.60 per mile. Using our services for your case and service means that you agree to above terms and rates. If you have any questions about our services, rates and more, give us a call today at (252) 671-2297.

Process Serving Solutions

Our NC process servers at Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services provide total transparency. We offer process serving solutions with every ounce of urgency they deserve by delivering documents in a prompt time frame to the best of our considerable abilities. We deliver each document with proof of delivery for every client. Our licensed process servers guarantee a short chain of communication so any judiciary court may move forward with the case brought to its attention with as little hiccups as possible.

By providing the service of filing documents with the court for you, you are also assured of the documentation procedure followed perfectly without taking away from your personal time.