Felony Bail Services

photo of jail fencingFor felony bail services in NC, Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services bail agency is ready to assist you right now. Just as many other states in America, North Carolina takes felony crimes very seriously. So much so that, unlike other states, North Carolina does not impose the traditional statute of limitations on felony crimes. A statute of limitations is the time frame of when prosecution for a crime can legally occur. This time frames begins when a crime occurs to a set amount of years afterwards. Once this time frame ends, nobody can be charged with the responsibility for committing that crime. However, the state of North Carolina does not have such limitations attached felony crimes.

Felonies in New Bern, NC are organized into 10 classes organized by letters – Class A being the most severe felonies with the heaviest penalties of death or life without parole, and Class I carrying the lightest penalties of 3 to 12 months in prison. Class B is further divided into B1 and B2 categories, as Class B1 felonies can result in 144 months in prison to life without parole and a Class B2 felony carry a sentence of 94 to 393 months in prison.

Points From Priors

When you’re charged with a felony in New Bern, NC, your record level is taken into account as well. Every defendant has a record level determined by a system of points accumulated by any prior convictions. For example, a prior misdemeanor conviction is worth 1 point. For a comprehensive list of points, see below:

  • Prior Misdemeanor is 1 pointphoto of handcuffs
  • Prior Class H or I Felony is 2 points
  • Prior Class E, F, or G Felony is 4 points
  • Prior Class B2, C, or D Felony is 6 points
  • Prior B1 Felony is 9 points
  • Prior A Felony is 10 points.

These points are added by the prosecutor and the judge the determine a defendant’s prior record level. The lowest level, Level I, is 0 to 1 points while the highest level, Level VI, is 18 or more points. The judge takes into account both the Class of the felony and the Level of a defendant’s record to decide on penalties upon conviction. The more severe the felony and the higher Level, the more prison time.

Don’t face down a felony charge alone, and don’t sit behind bars while the prosecution prepares their case against you! Contact Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services right now for fast jail release. We offer New Bern, NC felony bail services statewide.