Fast Fraud Bail Bonds Services

photo of cash, handcuffsIf you or your loved one has just been arrested then the next few hours can matter the most in getting your bearings and getting them out of jail as fast as possible so that they can be safe at home and consult a licensed lawyer.

For an immediate bail bondsman who provides fast fraud bail bonds services in New Bern, NC, call Grimes’ Bail Bonding! We’ll get your loved one home safe and soon as soon as possible.

A charge of fraud can cover a litany of possible crimes such as:

  • Insurance Fraud (also known as mail fraud and criminal racketeering)
    • Arson for profit
    • Automobile accidents/repairs
    • Medical Insurance
    • False pretense/statements
    • Embezzlement
    • Life and disability fraud
    • Willful failure to pay group insurance premiums
  • Telemarketing Fraud
  • Pyramid Schemes / Ponzi Schemes (also known as chain letters or cash gifting schemes)
  • Credit Card Fraud or Debit Card Fraud
    • Using an illegally obtained card through robbing, fraudulent card application, forgery, or giving a false statement when applying for credit or false reports of a stolen credit card

Penalties for Convictions of Fraud

Knowingly lying about or concealing vital facts in relation with insurance claims and pyramid photo of jail fence, barbed wire, prisonschemes as well as convincing others for personal profit under specifically false circumstances/representation will directly result in consequences beyond the state prison time included in a felony conviction. You will also face civil penalties such as fines, revocation of your business license, freezing of your business assets, paying for restitution to any victims, an injunction, and community service.

When You Need a Real Bail Bonds Agent Most

The state of North Carolina takes all forms of fraudulent activity very seriously. If you or a loved one has been charged with fraud, you need to bail them out fast. Grimes’ Bail Bonding bond agents work 24/7, through weekends and holidays, providing fast fraud bail bonds services for New Bern, NC and all of North Carolina. As soon as you call, we’ll take down your information, track down your loved one, and get their holding jail to release them as soon as possible. Pay only a small fraction of the total bail to us and we’ll get your loved one released today!