Probation Violation Bail Bonds

photo of police lights, cop carsProbation is not always a straightforward condition. Frequently it is dependent on the accused person following any special stipulations required by the court. Many basic probationary requirements include staying in town, checking in with your probationary officer as frequently as the probation officer orders, adhering to any surprise drug/alcohol tests, and keeping away from any criminal element. However, a judge may also stipulate the completion of anger management classes, maintaining a job, attending therapy sessions or more. For probation violation bail bonds in New Bern, NC today, call Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services.

Change In Probationary Violation Law

photo of jailA recent law change was brought on from the Council of State Governments. After studying and realizing that more than half of new entries to prison each year in North Carolina were rooted in revoked probationers, the Justice Reinvestment Act was passed. For certain probation violations, this Act provides a limit to the amount of time a probationer may be consequently imprisoned. This means any probation violations occurring in December of 2011 or later in New Bern, NC will not result in the revocation of probation as long as the violation involved committing “no criminal offense” or “absconding.”

If you’ve been found in violation of your probation for a non-criminal offense then you may be facing a period of “Confinement in Response to Violation,” or dunk, as it has been commonly termed. For probationers who have been convicted for a misdemeanor, they face a dunk – or confinement – period of up to 90 days, while those convicted of a felony face a flat period of 90 days.

Bail Bonding You Out

This new Act only allows for two confinement periods in response to a probation violation per probation case. If another violation occurs then the court has the right to respond by revoking probation altogether. And yet, the court will not always respond to a non-criminal violation of probation with a period of confinement. Other options include house arrest, a curfew or split sentence. For probation violation bail bonds in New Bern, NC today, call Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services. We offer fast service at low costs, day and night. For only a fraction of the set bail, your loved one can breathe in freedom once more.