Getting Fast Theft Bail

photo of entering, lock, keyTheft in New Bern, NC is a type of property violation crime. Yet, theft is a special case as it is defined as “larceny” unless otherwise specified by a particular law. And crimes of larceny in North Carolina are Class H felonies. The criminal statutes in NC do not define either term, but larceny offenses include concealing retail merchandise, possessing or receiving stolen goods, larceny of gasoline from a gas station, larceny of automobiles or parts of automobiles and removing a shopping car from the premises of a store. If you or your loved one needs to get fast theft bail in New Bern, NC, contact Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services. We provide quick theft charge bail bonds.

Larceny which is specifically spelled out in the North Carolina law books to be misdemeanors are petty misdemeanors. 

Criminal and Civil Consequences

Whether the charge is for larceny or theft, those who are convicted face a lot of jail time, fines, and possibly community service. The odds are good that you may also face civil penalties. Civil penalties mean that criminal prosecution aside, you may still be required to repay any store owner for the value of the merchandise stolen and/or for actual damages, punitive damages, and reimbursement for the attorney fees of the store owner.

Fast-Acting Bail Bondsmen

If you’re facing these penalties then you need to save every penny for your defense. When photo of handcuffingyou contact Grimes’ Bail Bonding, you’re not just calling the NC bail experts with the reputation for being one of the fastest bail bond agencies in the state – you’re calling for affordability. Instead of trying to pay the entire bond with a cash bond or property bond which usually requires putting up assets worth twice the amount of the bail, pay only a small fraction of the bail amount and we’ll take care of the rest!

If you have or your loved one has been charged with theft today, then you need a bail bonds agent you can trust in and rely on.¬†Grimes’ Bail Bonding is right for you. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to bail you out fast. We work hard to alleviate both your financial and emotional stress. Call Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services to get fast theft charge bail bonds in New Bern, NC.