Bail Bonding Locations Served

photo of Charlotte, NC landscapeFor fast bail you need a reliable team of bail professionals who know how to handle your bail bonding needs – Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services! The North Carolina locations served by our bail company are¬†extensive. We offer quality service at a fast rate throughout NC for every client. Call our bail team as soon as you can and we’ll work to help you or your loved one to get out of jail fast.

We serve all of the following North Carolina counties and many other cities surrounding them:

Regardless of your location in North Carolina, we can provide fast jail bail for a wide range of charges. Our licensed, experienced bail specialists do not shy away from big bail amounts, and we don’t hesitate at small bail amounts. We have a plethora of payment plans to fit best your situation. We care about every client and endeavor to provide the most respectful treatment as possible while offering quick bail bonds. Our bonding staff is courteous and will lend aid to you or your loved one when you need it most.

24/7 Customer Care

photo of North Carolina lighthouseAt Grimes’ Bail Bonding, we bond because we care. That’s why we provide 24/7 support services. Whenever you need a bail expert to answer your questions or begin the bail out process, you can call! You aren’t limited by hours of operation with us because an arrest can happen day or night. We value your business even if we wish you didn’t need us for the reason you do. But because of the delicacy innate to the business of bail bonding we also excel in maintaining confidentiality. Discreet bail bondsmen can make a huge difference when you get back to your regular life.

As we’ve been an established bail bonds agency for years we have excellent contacts with many sheriff offices across county lines and a multitude of judicial agencies including holding centers, detention centers and jails.

When you contact us, it’d be handy if you already had the following information readily available:

  1. Your loved one’s full name
  2. Your loved one’s date of birth
  3. The date of arrest
  4. The jail they are currently (or last known to be) held in

You can always perform a search here¬†if you don’t already know or feel uncertain over where your loved one is at present.

Keep in mind that if you don’t know all of this information, it is no cause for panic. The North Carolina locations served by Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services is statewide, meaning we have working relationships with every jail and detention center throughout the counties. We can locate your loved one quickly and post their bail fast.

Fast Posting Bail Service

Posting bail is not a circumstance anyone looks forward to being in, and arranging bail for family or a friend will never be a highlight to any relationship. But our bail agents can make it less painful and more of a smooth, efficient process. That way you won’t have to linger or dwell in the financial aspect or any complicated paperwork. We can help you get in, get out, and get on with your life. At Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services we can provide you with the speed and assurance you need most. By posting bail fast every time, we offer peace of mind to both you and your loved one who is sitting in jail. Call today at (252) 671-2297.

When you’re feeling your most scattered and uneasy, just remember if you’re accused of a crime, call Grimes!