Craven County Bondsman

photo of police carBeing arrested is a stressful happenstance. Whether it has happened to you or to someone you loved, it can raise anxiety levels substantially. Don’t let that anxiety get the best of you! A Craven County bondsman from Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services is your best tool to get your loved one home fast and get ahead of the charges being pressed against them. Quick jail release is always in the best interest of the defendant for both the opportunity to prepare for trial as well as simply being home to carry on with their regular life. Nobody wants an unforeseen arrest to disrupt your life or the life of your loved one. To keep everything together and stabilized, making bail now is instrumental.

An Innovative County

The Neuse River, Catfish Lake and Palmetto Swamp are all just a few notable bodies of waterphoto of sail boats within Craven County which add to the attractive coastal plain landscape. Craven County also proudly lays claim to the pharmacy in New Bern, its county seat, where Caleb Bradham invented the first Pepsi-Cola soda. Bradham owned that pharmacy and experimented with soda flavors for customers until he created the first version of Pepsi-Cola, initially called “Brad’s Drink” and then “Pep-Kola.” He, in fact, began in 1902 the Pepsi-Cola Company.

As a county steeped in American history and industrial improvements, Craven County is a trademark for the American dream and a present attraction for anyone who wants to explore the birth of durable innovations.

Honest North Carolina Bondsmen

If you have or your loved one has been arrested for any crime, you need a licensed bondsman in Craven County you can rely on. At Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services we operate with the utmost professionalism and care 24/7 for every one of our clients. If you’re feeling panicked, frustrated, scared or all of the above, it’s important you know you aren’t alone. You have options. Contacting Grimes’ Bail Bonding is your best option available and we’re happy to help you right now.

The honest bail bonds services we provide are unmatched throughout the region of North Carolina. A licensed bail bondsman is only a call away! DialĀ (252) 671-2297 now.