Posting Bail in New Bern, NC

photo of handcuffs and key, gavel, justice, jailIf you have been charged with a crime and need a licensed bail bonds agent to get to work for you today, call Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services. Posting bail in New Bern, NC at a fast rate is a strong skill of our bail bondsmen. We know you need speed when it comes to getting your loved one released from jail and we understand the true value of privacy, regardless of arrest record.

Our bail services extend to every small or large bail amount which crosses our path. We provide special care for each and every case we handle. For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – through weekends and holidays – Grimes’ Bail Bonding bail agents helps people get bailed out of jail in New Bern and across North Carolina.

A Southern City of Elegance, History & Progress

New Bern was the first capital of North Carolina after the American Revolutionary War and once Raleigh was declared the new capital, New Bern reestablished its economy by way of shippingphoto of New Bern City, NC trades with New England and the Caribbean. During the Civil War the Union set up a camp to house slave refugees in New Bern, where missionaries taught children and adults alike literacy. The lumber boom of 1890 not only made New Bern the lumber center of North Carolina but also led to the building of some of the most beautiful, historic and durable houses in the South. Thanks to the sturdy and beautiful craftsmanship, Southern elegance of the area’s architecture and culture has been preserved. In fact, New Bern has two Local Historical Districts and four National Historical Districts.

New Bern can lay claim to a large amount of North Carolinian and American history, but some of the most noteworthy people from New Bern include Richard Dobbs Spaight, one of the signers to the Declaration of Independence, James Perry, a Justice on the Florida Supreme Court, Caleb Bradham, the inventor of Pepsi-Cola, Elwood Edwards, the voice of AOL’s “You’ve Got Mail,” and the first African-American police officer in New York City, Samuel Battle.

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