Bail Bondsman in Onslow County

photo of county coast lineFor a bail bondsman in Onslow County you can rely on, contact Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services. Our bail services include large bonds, small bonds, felony bonds, payment plans, and 24/7 availability. Being arrested is a scary thing to face down yourself or to see happen to a loved one. Because this is an emotional period for every client our customer care is our top concern. We treat every client with respect and courtesy while providing the fastest bail in North Carolina in order to soothe any raw nerves our clients feel they have. We are upfront and honest from start to finish so as to avoid any further complications in your life and smooth out any challenges you may be facing now.

Collective Communities Staying Together

The cities and towns included within the Onslow County are built of strong maritime and agrarian communities. Best known for containing the United States Army Camp Davis and the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune during World War II, Onslow County also is a absolutely beautiful tourist destination. There are at least 5 different golf courses throughout Onslow County as well pier fishing and deep sea fishing trips available for environmental enthusiasts. For the more active visitors you can go water skiing, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing. For hunters and photographers alike, the wildlife is a huge draw. Multiple beautiful species live abundantly in the region. Among the plethora of natural wildlife are those of turkey, bear, quail, rabbits, dove and deer.

Top Bail Services For a High Quality County

Posting bail can always seem like an overwhelming undertaking. Abruptly facing down the photo of Sheriff star, spurjudiciary system can seem like enormous odds have been set against you and you have to deal with it all alone. But the bail bondsmen at Grimes’ Bail Bonding want you to know that you aren’t alone! By making a single call you are getting an entire bail team on your side. We will work for you and with you from the start with a sense of transparency you can always trust. We have been through the bail process so many times we could do it in our sleep. We know the fastest bail route to take and we will push any and all paperwork for you or your loved one through the system faster to get you or them home safe and sound where they belong.

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