Payment Plans For Your Bail Bond

photo of copHelping a friend or yourself out of jail can be emotionally hard because of the panic and fear you may be feeling. The bail agents at Grimes’ Bail Bonding have made it our purpose to serve you to the best of our abilities and make this entire circumstance much easier to get through. 

Whenever a service is provided at Grimes’ Bail Bonding, there are several factors which are taken into consideration. For example, how far away is the location, what does the paperwork consist of, what does the client’s income consist of at present, and so on. Check out our NC payment plans for bail bonds with Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services!

Our bail agents try our best to be as understanding and flexible as possible whenever it comes to financing a payment plan for you. We take payments in multiple forms for your ease and comfort and can set up a plan of payment which best fits your financial standing.

Payment Options

Here are some of the ways in which payments are accepted:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cash
  • Money Orders
  • Wire Transfer of Funds
  • Checks (Funds must be verified before doing so)

Financing And Payment Plans

Because there might come a time where the percentage of the bond is higher than what is photo of money, cash, coinsexpected, our bail bondsmen usually observe what a person’s income is like, and then set up arrangements for a plan from there on to accommodate what is possible.

  • All payment plans are generally based upon a person’s financial history
  • There are no hidden fees for financing
  • Cosigners (Indemnitors) are usually accepted based on the person’s background (make sure you understand your bail bond indemnitor responsibility before you sign)
  • In most situations, collateral is not needed

At Grimes’ Bail Bonding & Notary Services, our NC payment plans for bail bonds include a wide variety to fit you and your economic standing. The sooner you get into contact with our bail bonds agents the sooner we can workout the best plan for you and you can get your loved one home. Call us at (252) 671-2297 today!