Simple Strategies for Surviving Jail

Surviving Jail

A Few Simple Strategies Can Help Ensure a Less Stressful Stay in Jail.

The common experience of jail is limited to a handful of hours in a central facility. After an arrest, you will get booked and incarcerated until someone posts bail. If your stay lengthens, you may find yourself transferred to a county jail in anticipation of your hearing. Of course, you may also receive a sentence for additional jail time. This will naturally cause a great deal of stress, especially if you have no strategies for surviving jail. While jail is never comfortable or fun, these tips can at least ensure a less problematic stay.

Keep to Yourself

While in jail, you want to generally keep to yourself. Maintain politeness in your interactions with other inmates and staff, but try to avoid the formation of friendships or group allegiances. These will only create problems, and can make you a target among other prisoners. You’ll also want to practice this in relation to the guards. Basically, try to avoid talking to them. You will not make friends, and other inmates may begin to resent you.

Stay Busy

Do your best to stay busy with plenty of reading material or other activities. While in jail, you can generally write, draw pictures, or study to learn something new. If you have a substance abuse problem, you can get involved with sobriety groups like AA. You can also use the time to develop useful new skills, such as the ability to speak a new language.

Stay Away from Drugs

Unfortunately, many prison facilities fail to adequately prevent the entry of drugs. Regardless of how inmates get their substances, the reality is that they are often present. Do not take people up on offers to get high, regardless of the method. You will only create problems for yourself, and could become indebted to the wrong people.

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