Types of Domestic Violence

Types of Domestic ViolenceWhen we think of domestic violence, we typically think of a person physically assaulting another person. However, there are different types of domestic violence, that aren’t classified as physical. To learn more about the types of domestic violence, keep reading below.


Emotional abuse is when someone has control over someone emotionally. Whether through intimidation or humiliation, emotional abuse is a way to reduce someone’s self-worth. It can be hard to convict someone of emotional abuse as it needs to be combined with other forms of abuse.


When there is absolute control over finances and has the power of all the finances, then this can be considered financial abuse. Examples of financial abuse are purposely ruining someone’s credit score or partner controls how much money you get.


The most common and best-known types of domestic violence are physical abuse. This is when someone physically assaults you, whether it’s kicking, slapping, or punching, and causing injury to the other person. It can be a minor energy and only has to happen once for it to be considered domestic violence.


Common sexual abuse is sexual assault and rape, but even unconsenting touching or unwanted sexual behavior are forms of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is broad and can include exploiting someone for sex, forcing someone to have to sex, or even sabotage someone to not use condoms or take birth control.

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