What Is Bail?

As a citizen in the United States of America, you are guaranteed a set of rights. These rights are in place to protect you and bail is one of those rights. (Like most rights, there are extreme cases that allow for revoking of that right, but we’ll get into that further down.) The drafters of the Constitution vehemently believed that all citizens should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, which is why they included the right to bail and release from jail until a trial could be held for the defendant. The eighth amendment ensures that courts are prohibited from setting excessive bail prices, and if you can meet the bail amount, you can walk free until your trial date. So what is bail? Bail is a monetary pledge that assures the court that you will return for your trial if they release you from jail. Failure to return to court on your trial date will result in a warrant for your arrest. The time you earn by posting bail is a prime opportunity to become fully prepared for your case, before your trial date.

As mentioned above, there are certain extreme cases that may lead a judge to revoke your right to bail. Serial sexual assault charges, murder charges, or any charges that may lead the judge to believe you are a danger to society are all valid reasons. The amount of your bail will also vary depending on a variety of factors. Your employment status, ties to the community, and criminal record will all be reviewed when the bail price is being determined. In the event that your bail is too expensive for you to pay out of pocket, you can call a bail bondsman for help paying your bail amount!

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